The Work

Moving from one state of being to another takes effort. Whether you are trying to get out of pain, improve your body awareness, become less stressed, increase your flexibility, or find your strength, you will need to exert time and effort to make your way to the new you. Jennifer works uniquely combining multiple physical disciplines including:

  • Iyengar-based Yoga and Pranayama
  • IMT
  • Hanna Somatics
  • Pilates

Her work requires an intensive evaluation, a clear curriculum, and detailed sessions to help you progress in your efforts toward health and freedom.

Jennifer recognizes that different lifestyles, different needs, and different issues require different ways of approaching the work. There are three primary ways that she interacts with clients:

The Weekly:
Jennifer offers single or multiple weekly sessions in Brooklyn and Manhattan for people who need to make a sustained and consistent effort toward changing their wellbeing.

Session rates:
Single session: $125
Packages (Brooklyn-only):
$800/8 sessions
$400/4 sessions

The Intensive:
For those working on a significant single issue who need to make a deeper commitment or those outside of New York, Jennifer offers 2.5-3 hours sessions that combine, movement, table work, and homework assignments.

Intensive rates:
$300 for a single intensive
Package rates available by request

For more information or to book a session, please contact Jennifer at